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Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program
That Offers Greater Independence to Recipients of Home Care


The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a statewide Medicaid program that provides an alternative way of receiving home care services, where the consumers have more control over who provides care and how it is provided. CDPAP allows Medicaid recipients in need of personal care, home health and nursing services to recruit, hire, train, supervise and terminate their own personal assistants. Consumers are able to hire friends or certain family members to work for them, thus eliminating potential stress from language/cultural barrier issues.


To learn more about CDPAP please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

What are the advantages
of being a Consumer?
  • Consumers receive care from people they trust

  • Consumers are able to make their own choices about their care and daily activities

  • Consumers independently recruit, hire, supervise, schedule and, if needed, dismiss Personal Assistants (PAs) of their choice

  • Consumers act as employers: they hire as many PAs as they deem necessary to accommodate their lifestyle

  • Even better, the hired PA does not need to have special certification or licensing. PA can be a friend, a neighbor or even a family member

  • Another special benefit of CDPAP is that PAs may perform "skilled" care that otherwise may only be performed by a nurse

Why Choose GSNY?

  • We will help to fill out all required paperwork in the convenience of your own home or remotely

  • We provide the PAs with competitive pay and great benefits package

  • Accurate and timely weekly payroll processing

  • Smooth consumer and personal assistant registration process

  • CDPAP program support for consumers

GSNY Home Care

provides CDPAP services in


of New York State

We provide free Medicaid application assistance
Take a step toward Independence!

GSNY Home Care - the leading Fiscal Intermediary for the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)

What Our Clients Say About Us
“I'd like to thank GSNY for helping me discover an alternative way of receiving home care services. I was able to hire my granddaughter who provides an excellent care.”

Laura K.


“My family member has experienced an injury. I was providing care by myself and had no idea that I could get paid for it. I contacted GSNY and the owner of the agency visited me the same day. Now I'm getting compensated for providing care to my family member! Thanks to GSNY Home Care!

Robert T.

“I would recommend GSNY Home Care to anyone. They were very professional and each person who helped along the way, from the owners to the nurse, were kind and caring.”



“Your service was excellent and I thank you for the promptness. You are on the top of my list for any further assistance I might need in the future. Keep it up!”

Kathy Cohn


“GSNY team is friendly and helpful. I trust them. They are here for me.”


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