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What is CDPAP?

Please look through our FAQs for the answers

What is different about CDPAP?

In CDPAP program, the person with the disability is referred to as a Consumer rather than a “client” or a “patient”. A Personal Assistant does not “take care of” a Consumer; rather assists the Consumer to live independently. 

CDPAP allows Consumers to recruit, hire, train, supervise and terminate the caregivers of their choice. Consumers take an active, responsible role in planning their needs - they decide WHEN, HOW, and by WHOM the care will be provided.

Who is eligible to participate in CDPAP?

To be eligible for CDPAP, an individual must:

  • Be eligible for Medicaid

  • Be eligible for long term home care services, certified home health care, private duty nursing, or AIDS or other waiver program

  • Have a stable medical condition

  • Need some or total assistance with one or more personal care services, home health aide services or skilled nursing tasks

  • Be self-directing or have a designated representative who is willing and competent to assume the roles and responsibilities that go with the program


What are the requirements for a Personal Assistant?

A Personal Assistant must:

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Be legally eligible to work in the United States and have a valid Social Security number

  • Complete an annual health assessment including all required laboratory tests

  • Complete all required documentation to facilitate enrollment in the payroll


Who can provide care under CDPAP?

Most family members, including children, can serve as Personal Assistants and get paid to provide care under CDPAP. Parents of disabled adult children (21 years of age or older) may serve as CDPAP assistant if they are not also the recipient's designated representative, and with restrictions on whether they may live with the consumer. Only spouses,  parents of a child under 21 and a legal guardian are prohibited from being hired as the Personal Assistants.

Does Personal Assistant need a special certification or license?

No, the hired PA does not need to have special certification or licensing. PAs are trained by the consumer to perform services typically provided by personal care aides, home health aides, and even some of the skilled-care services that are usually performed by a nurse.

Who pays for CDPAP?

NY State Medicaid pays for it. GSNY Home Care acts as the "employer of record" and handles all paperwork, payroll and taxes on behalf of the consumer.

Do I need to join a Medicaid Managed Long-Term Care Plan?

You must join MLTC plan if:

  • You are eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare

  • You are over 21 or older

  • You need home care, adult day care, or other long term care for more than 120 days

  • Reside in the area served by the plan.


People with Medicaid Only (without Medicare) are eligible to participate in CDPAP by enrolling in a Mainstream Medicaid Managed Care (MMC) plan.


What is a Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC)?

MLTC plans were created to help people who are chronically ill or have disabilities and who need long-term health care services, such as home care or adult day care, stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible. These plans are approved by the New York State Department of Health to provide Medicaid managed long-term care.

There are different types of MLTC plans: Partial MLTC, PACE (Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the elderly), FIDA (Fully Integrated Dual Advantage), and MAP (Medicaid Advantage Plus).


Partial MLTC plan called "partial" because it only covers part of your health care, such as:

  • In Home Care and Services

  • Medical Supplies and Equipment

  • Adult Day Care

  • Non-emergency transportation to doctor offices and clinics

  • Dental

  • Podiatry

  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

  • Rehabilitation Therapy

  • Social Day Programs

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Vision Services

  • Home Delivered Meals

Enrolling in a Partial MLTC plan allows you to add long-term care services without affecting your current benefits.


To learn more about MLTC plans, please click on the following links to see New York Medicaid Choice brochures:

Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Brochure - English

Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Brochure - Spanish 

Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Brochure - Russian

Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Brochure - Chinese


How does MLTC affect my Medicaid and/or Medicare coverage?

  • MLTC does not change your Medicare or Medicaid coverage. If you are currently receiving Medicaid and/or Medicare services, you still receive the same types of services usually paid for by Medicaid and Medicare.

  • You may keep your primary care physician. Plan members get services from their primary care physicians and inpatient hospital services using their Medicaid and/or Medicare cards.

  • You do not lose any of your regular Medicaid or Medicare benefits. If the service is not covered by the plan, you may still receive the service outside the plan using your Medicare or Medicaid card.


How to get started?

We are here to help! Give us a call or send an e-mail and one of our dedicated staff will guide you through the entire process of enrolling in CDPAP.

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