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Your Child Needs Home Care.

     We Have the Solutions

At GSNY, we provide children and young adults in need with high quality home health care in a loving, caring and professional manner. The goal of GSNY pediatric services is to provide services that promote, safeguard and improve the well-being of children.

Our specialized pediatric training for pediatric care team and our continuous clinical supervision enables us to provide a comprehensive array of specialty pediatric services to meet any family’s needs. Depending on your child’s plan of care and your insurance coverage, we can provide personal care up to 24 hours a day, giving you peacefulness while you work.

We can help your child with a wide variety of personal care and daily activity services including:

  • Bathing, dressing, and toileting

  • Adolescent personal hygiene assistance

  • Walking and transferring (including safe use of wheelchairs and other assistive equipment)

  • Meal preparation, help with eating, and nutritious food selection

  • Exercise and play assistance

  • Environment safety and monitoring for children at risk of seizures, running from home, and more

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We have another solution - CDPAP program. This Medicaid funded program allows you to hire any other adult relative of the CDPAP eligible child to serve as the child's personal assistant. 

GSNY Pediatric services

And so, what is the solution? 

If you feel overwhelmed and need help, please contact us. We will help you to find the best solution depending on your unique situation.


“We have no special needs children. Just children…with special needs.” – Uwe Maurer

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